Dear Friends,

directorOn behalf of all the inmates of Asha Kiran Shelter Home, a unit of Ranchi Ursuline Society; I extend very warm greetings to all our Donors, Benefactors, State & Central Government, well wishers & stakeholders who are our partners in our efforts to rehabilitate the rescued Girl Children. These children have experienced the pain of Trafficking and Child Labor. They were denied the innocent joys of childhood and opportunities for their growth. They are now being provided with a loving environment and opportunities for education and various skill development at Asha Kiran Shelter Home.. Needless to say, that without your generous support & cooperation our dream of building up these broken lives could not have taken shape.

In Jharkhand tribal girls & women suffer from poverty, illiteracy, and lack of socio-economic development. They still continue to be vulnerable in spite of .the several welfare Schemes government introduces every year. Without your generous support & cooperation our dream of having a Shelter Home and a school could not have been realized.

The staff of Asha Kiran Shelter Home & School is fully committed to help these Children in developing their innate talents through formal Education, as Education is the most POWERFUL WEAPON which we can use to CHANGE the WORLD. We are also providing various Skill development activities like Computer skills, Volley Ball, Badminton, Hockey, Karate (Self Defense technique), Fine Arts, Music, Tailoring & Cutting, Machine Embroidery, etc. These activities help the children to develop their self esteem & self confidence. They realize that they do not have to be governed by their past, but can become the architects of a new & bright future. They live in a congenial, loving & caring atmosphere. This atmosphere helps them to change their scars into stars and become sources of inspiration for those who go through similar painful experiences. Our aim is to help them find meaning in all that happens in their life and have life in abundance which Christ offers to all irrespective of caste & creed.(Jn 10/10)

Our goal is to empower the vulnerable & marginalized tribal girls and women, to give a voice to the voiceless so that they can build a better tomorrow for themselves, be catalysts and shine like stars in the sky (Phil 2/15)..

I hope with the cooperation, support & encouragement of all, we shall grow into the realization that “what counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what DIFFERENCE we have made to the LIVES OF OTHERS that will DETERMINE the SIGNIFICANCE of the LIFE WE LEAD. (Nelson Mandela)

On behalf of all the Ursuline Sisters of Ranchi Province and our collaborators, I express our gratitude to all who support, collaborate and encourage our mission of Rehabilitation of rescued girl children. May God’s abundant blessings abide in us that we may radiate a ray of hope to the vulnerable and marginalized of our society.

Sr. Julia George (Project Director.)

 Asha Kiran Shelter Home, Fudi, District Khunti, Jharkhand.

VISION:To provide an empowering & supportive environment to all the inmates of Asha Kiran Shelter Home so that they become the architects of their future and have life in abundance.

MISSION: To bring healing to the young lives broken by the existing social evils like poverty, illiteracy, human trafficking, child labor, physical & emotional violence and provide an opportunity for education & skill development to become catalysts & change agents in the society.


  • To provide awareness to children, girls & women who are the marginalized & vulnerable with regard to their rights.
  • To provide the basic needs of the inmates & help them to deal with their painful past through emotional & moral support and counseling.
  • To rehabilitate the inmates through formal education, skill development, behavioral change and personality development.
  • To provide legal support so that the victims may get compensation for the wrong done to them.
  • Networking with government departments, NGOs & like-minded people who are working on Anti Human Trafficking, child labor and for the development of children, girls & women who are vulnerable.
  • Empowering those on the fringes of society to have equal opportunity in Political, Social, Livelihood, Economic, Legal & Literacy programs and in Decision making.
  • Education will be used as an agent of basic change in the status of women (NPE, 1986).


1,   Ragini (name changed)

case1Ragini was born in 1999. Her parents were living in the suburbs of Ranchi town. They are three girls and one boy. Ragini is the second child and never went to school. Her parents are daily wage earners. At the age of seven, Ragini was taken to Delhi, Tilaknagar by certain Bhattacharya to look after his two year old granddaughter. During Ragini’s 18 months’ stay in that family, she was treated well only for months. The lady of the house began to find fault with Ragini even for small things. For small mistakes Ragini used to get beating on her face and hands. One day, Ragini broke a glass accidentally. The lady got very furious and burnt Ragini’s hand, back & stomach with hot frying pan. Ragini wanted to come home, but was not allowed to do so. When matters were getting worse, Bhattacharya brought Ragini to Ranchi. She was treated at Sadar Hospital, Ranchi. Till today the scar is visible on Ragini’s hand back & stomach.

case2Ragini came to Asha Kiran in 2011. Through counseling and a supportive & loving environment, Ragini was able to overcome her traumatic experience. Even today, Ragini is unable to understand why educated people punish an innocent, illiterate girl child for a small mistake. Ragini was happy and received lot of love AND acceptance from other inmates and staff of Asha Kiran. Ragini is below average intelligence & is not interested in studying. However, she is a simple child who has no maliciousness towards the lady who treated her cruelly. Ragini is working in a family & earns Rs. 2500/ per month. She cherishes happy memories of her stay at Asha Kiran.


2. Taramani (name changed)

taraTaramani’s parents are from Gumla district. Her father was in the military, posted in Assam when Taramani was born 42 years ago. She has three elder brothers. Being the only daughter Tara was loved much by her parents & brothers. At the age of 16 Tara was happily married off. Unfortunately her married life came to an end when her husband passed away of TB after 18 months of their marriage. Tara’s daughter was only 18 months old then. Tara’a misery started after the death of her husband.

Her brother-in-low started drinking and used to urinate on Tara & her daughter at night. Tara tolerated this for two years. During the third year Tara ran away from her in-low’s place & came to Ranchi to her uncle’s house. Tara’s uncle took her to Ramgarh to work in a school as sweeper. Tara’s brother shifted her to another place where she stayed for four years.. Tara’s cousin took her to Delhi as a Domestic worker in a Punjabi family. Tara shifted herself from house to house as domestic worker earning Rs. 2500/- pm.and finally landed in Mumbai with the help of a placement Agency. This was the beginning of trouble for Tara. Her brother passed away in 2007. The lady of the house did not like dishes prepared by Tara as she wanted to remain slim.. The lady began to torture Tara with verbal abuse. The owner of the house used to drink and Tara was asked to sleep with him. Tara cried bitterly. As Tara is a Christian, began to pray for strength. One day the owner beat her up, the lady slapped on her face. Then they sent her away by train with someone who .tried to steal her money & kill her. They did not pay her dues of Rs. 25,000/- Tara returned to Ranchi penniless with her daughter 2009. Tara came to Asha Kiran. The Sisters helped Tara to overcome her painful experiences. Today Tara is working as a house maid. She plans to return to return to her in- laws’ place and look after the field.