Best Practices/ stories emerged during this course of implementation

Priya Dhan (Drawing and Painting student)

best1This is the story of Priya Dhan a student of Ursuline convent school who lives in Asha Kiran shelter home. Priya Dhan is 11 years old and is studying in class 6. She is little shy ,coming from a very poor farmer family. The economic condition of her family is very pathetic and her parents are working hard work to full fill their daily needs. Priya Dhan is the 3rd child of her parents and was living in Dadi village of Khunti. Now she lives in Asha Kiran shelter home where she is very happy and has interest in drawing and she has got an opportunity to learn the art of drawing.  The Drawing teacher is also impressed by her as from the first day she drew the line and colored In two months time Oriya has made progress. She is more sincere than before, & tries to draw a new picture and scenes. She wants to make her carrier in the field of painting. Currently she is focusing on online children’s painting competition.

Rupan Kiro (badminton Player)

best2There are 25girls who are being trained to play the badminton. Rupan Kiro is also one of them. She is 13 years old and is in class 7. She likes to be alone & speaks very little. When she joined badminton, the coach noticed her and made her aware of its benefits, He boosted her moral and she is gaining self confidence day by day. The coach feels she has improved a lot by playing badminton & takes badminton very seriously. She is very punctual for this game. and follows all the instructions given. In the play ground her body language and discipline is impressive and takes the activity seriously. By playing badminton she has learnt dedication, discipline, & her effort is different from other students. According to the badminton coach if she keeps up her effort and dedication she can became a good badminton player in future and can make a bright carrier in this field.

best3Ablina Bbarla aged 10 is studying in class 6 and Kausila Topno of 13 years read in class 7 were selected for the District level karate tournament held in khelgaon indoor stadium in Ranchi on 3rd and 4th May,2014. They had shown great potential and learnt the techniques and style very quickly under the guidance of their karate coach which resulted in their selection for the district tournament. Both the girls are from Asha Kiran shelter home and they have shown great interest in karate and the coach is also giving special attention to them as they are keen to learn and can make a better future in karate.

Issues and challenges which emerged in convergence; implementation of the project:

The issues which emerged in the implementation of the project was making a routine for each activity and it should be adjusted in such a way so that each activity should be covered with optimum time and we had also to take care that our activity schedule should not affect the students’ studies in the school. This was very challenging.

Organizing the Nukkad Natak and the awareness session in the village successfully was also challenging for us as we had to get the villagers’ participation by their presence and listening to the message Street Play was meant to convey them.

Local Issues expressed by women:

Illiteracy & poverty, lack of marketing linkages of local & forest products- for examples: Lahe, mahua, etc. lack of safety for girls and women in the family and villages due to alcoholism and Maoists, women travel far distance to get employment etc.

New strategies:

  • Strengthening the existing SHGs, mahila mandle to be independent to run their own business to improve their economic and family situation
  • Introducing them to modern technologies for farming
  • To traine and capacitate the women to get involved in polities
  • To give vocational skills on cutting ,tailoring , embroidery and crafts to start their own business
  • To encourage women to be the members of Gram Sabha and in the local committee to monitor different government schemes and activities in the areas.

New strategies adopted by the project in convergence in capacity building and in resolving issues:

best4We have been doing capacity building programs with the villagers at our centre once a week, we show capacity building documentaries to them; share some success stories which can benefit the women coming to our centre.

We listen to their problems and share with the larger groups if someone from the groups has any suggestion for their problem or try to suggest some solution to resolve the issues.

During the motivational session

Two days talk cum workshop was organized for shelter home girls based on leadership, and SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity & threat) and to build a vision for their lives, which included 31 teenage girls from Shelter Home Hostel and 48 school going students. Several group dynamics were introduced through which the groups were made aware of their leadership potential, community living in peace and harmony (especially during their stay in the shelter home). A power point presentation on ‘Trafficking’ was shown to the group that created much awareness in each individual. Self composed Motivational & leadership songs by the groups were presented. This gave an opportunity to sense the pain each trafficked person goes through.  

 Potential of replicability and up scaling of the project in other areas:

This project is worth for the students and they are really getting many benefits from the activities and it can be easily replicated to other centre like us or in the schools where students and the community can benefit..

Monitoring mechanism of the project-including review meeting held, maintaining database:

  • Weekly meeting will be conducted internally with all the staff sharing the work done & presentation of the activities in a week with the project coordinator.
  • Monthly meeting will be done with all the activity staff, project coordinator and Project director to monitor the Project progress report.
  • Monthly, Quarterly progress report and yearly report will be shared with the donor agency.
  • Monitoring will also be done on the spot by field visit when the activity is taking place.
  • Teachers will also monitor the students’ performance & regularity.
  • Evaluation will be done through feedback from students and guardians about their performance.

 Tangible output and outcomes of the project which may influence the policy:

  • Mainstream the rescued girl children by providing formal education and vocational skill training at the center.
  • Children are trained in different activity through professionals.
  • Girls engaged in different livelihood activities, self sustainability.
  • At least 200 girl children and/ women trained in different Activities.
  • Enhance in their skills.
  • Increase in their income through engaging in different skills of livelihood programs.
  • Enhance knowledge / awareness among the community on various social issues.
  • People will come forward for the rights of the rescued girl child.
  • People in two blocks get awareness on girl child right issues.
  • Through Awareness session we are creating awareness in the community about the evil effects & causes of trafficking.
  • Through awareness session we are be able to create visibility of the program among community.
  • Awareness creation among the community on girls’ education in the project area.
  • Creating awareness among stakeholders including Villagers, NGOs, CBOs, government officials on a very sensitive issue like Girl Child Trafficking.
  • The women who are coming for tailoring and sewing from nearby villages will be empowered and will be economically independent.