St. Angela Merici founded the Ursuline Congreation in 1535 in Brescia for the education of girls, a felt need of the time. All around her hometown she saw girls with no education. She was a revolutionary of her time as she founded the 1st active Congregation of Women.


In the 15th & 16th Century that Angela lived in, education for women was for the rich or for nuns. Angela & her companions bound together by their dedication to education & commitment to Christ. She was a woman of courage, fortitude & determination. She was an excellent educator as well.                                                          org3

The Ursuline Congregation was established in Belgium in 1818 by Fr. J. C. Lambertz, then Parish Priest of Tildonk for the education of young girls. This branch of Ursulines are known as Ursulines of Tildonk. During the life time of Fr. Lambertz, the Ursulines of Tildonk spread to England, Indonesia, Philipines, India, Canada & the Democratic republic of Congo. Today, the Ursulines are rendering commendable service to humanity in different countries in various fields.

On January 13, 1903, four pioneers from Belgium set their foot on the soil of Ranchi, India. This is a red letter day in the history & destiny of the Tribal Girls & Women in the North eastern states of India.


The 1st ministry of the Sisters was Teaching Lace & Embroidery to the illiterate local Tribal women. The earnings of women helped their families to make both end meet.