Children’s Dormitory


                                                 Warden with the inmates


Children at Asha Kiran Shelter Home live as free children of the house. They live, study, work r and share together. They also share moment of joys and pain together and support each other. Senior girls take care of junior ones. The present program introduced in the Shelter home is a unique one. It has opened different doors for the children to know themselves better to make their career in future. They take part in the different activities like – games and vocational trainings. They are happy and doing well.

Psycho- social care & Basic health care:

Students of our centre are also given the psycho social care & basic and a nurse is appointed for the same who takes care of them 24hrs a day. In this quarter they have been given classes on bed making, hygiene, growth and development, cleanliness and Neatness, table manners, how they can protect themselves from communicable diseases.REP6

 Counselling and Group Dynamics

Counseling and group dynamic sessions for the inmates are a regular feature of Asha Kiran Shelter Home. These sessions help them to open up, to get reconciled with their past, to gather the pieces of their life and move on to build a new life. This helps them to become sources of inspiration for others & one’s life has not to be determined by the past. These sessions help the inmates to lead a meaningful life.


All the activities of Asha Kiran Shelter Home are directed towards the building up of the whole personality and to make a positive difference in the life of the inmates. Ranchi Ursuline Society & the Staff of Asha Kiran is fully committed to this cause

Sports Activities:

  1. Badminton:

rep8 rep9

In this quarter it was observed that the students have improved in their performance. They know how to hold, how to follow through. They learnt service practice with shulttle, multi shuttle, stretching, side run, back run, taping, Zig-zag, and follow through, shulttle running , shulttle shadow etc. The girls are very keen to play badminton well and have regular practice.

B. Volley Ball:


A Glimpse of Volleyball

Children from class IV to VIII play Volley ball. In this quarter children showed much interest to learn this game. The Coach also taught the students how to play football. On 1st July they had match in two groups. Through this match many children got opportunities to participate in the game and came to know the different rules while playing the match. In this quarter children were given both theory and practical classes. They learnt how to do the service and receive volley ball, under hand touch, under hand pass, under hand service, side hand service, how to do scoring etc in playing volleyball. By regular practice students have learnt how to do field measurement, and net measurement of the volleyball court.

    rep11A Glimpse of Football










  1. Hockey:


A Glimpse of Hockey practice

In this quarter children were given theory and practice on hockey. The coach instructed the students to do scoop and skill practices. They learnt to hold the hockey stick and drill the ball. They were instructed dodging and moving of ball. Children have started practicing jackling skill to move and snatch the ball. Students are enthusiastic to learn new rules and regulations of hockey. The Children are preparing to have hockey match in the school.

D. Karate: (Self-defense)

Karate is the best technique of self defense. Children take much interest to learn new steps. They do regular practice. In this quarter children learnt the basic of sepia Kata- Jadam Gijhiami (upper full back punch), Chudam Gijami suki(Middle back punch) Gedam GIjami Suki (Lower back punch) and bitan kata. In this quarter children had three times Karate demonstration on different occasions at Asha Kiran Shelter Home. It was appreciated by all. There is great improvement in their performance.

  1. Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting).

         Asha Kiran children took part in online painting on National level, Karate students in State level, and on District level in Hockey, Volleyball, Football and Kho-kho at Birsa Sport Ground, Khunti. It was a good exposure for the inmates of Asha Kiran to know their strength & weakness in respective sports.

Participation on National level Competition

Painting competition at National level:

In the month of May 2014, 10 children took part in the National Clint on line Painting Competition organized by Kerala Tourism. This was a good opportunity for the students to develop their talents. They were very happy to be part of this competition.         STATE LEVEL:                                                                   

In the month of May Koushila Toppo , class-VII and Evelyna Barla , class- VI, took part in state Karate Championship tournament held at Thakur Vishwanath shaldeo Indoor Stadium, Ranchi on 3rd and 4th May 2014. Both of them performed well. Both of them take lead in Karate class.



On 3rd & 4th June, 2014, Five students of Asha Kiran participated at district level sports competition in Hockey, volleyball, football and Kho-kho at Birsa Sport Ground, Khunti. It was a good exposure for the inmates to learn from others.



COMPUTER SKILLS:   In this quarter senior students from class VI to VIII were taught M.S. Dos, M.S Word- word Art, Font, color, size, etc. Student of class VII and VIII were instructed to do English typing. Computer teacher made every effort to help then to place their fingers on the computer to type. The junior section children were introduced key board, word pad, note pad, M.S paint and paint program. Children show much interest to learn computer.


The students of class VI to VIII are being taught the use of water color. The teacher patiently teaches them painting with water color using brush. The junior group is learning how to draw and color with crayon and color pencil. There is a lot of improvement in the students. They are learning the techniques of drawing and painting.





Sewing , Embroidery and craft work :

The inmates along with their academic studies are given opportunities to learn different skills like cutting, tailoring and embroidery. They are also taught the skills of making bags with Micron Dori and decorative things. These skills will enable them to earn extra income in their future life through self employment. Women & drop outs from neighborhood also are befitting from this course.

MUSIC & SINGING CLASS: Children like to have music class. The Music teacher explained the importance of music in one’s life and introduced musical instruments like –harmonium, Cabcus, Key board etc. The teacher taught them action songs in Hindi. They learn very fast. God has gifted the Tribals with rhythm & music. Some of them have sweet voice.


Five days’ SUMMER CAMP was organized from May 19, 2014 to May 23, 2014 at AshaKiran Shelter Home in which 200 children from six schools participated

GOAL: The goal of the Summer Camp was to bring UNITY among the students of six schools belonging to different Caste and Creed together.


  • Through games, sports & fun to teach the children love & respect for different religions.
  • To help the children understand that they all belong to one caste – children of one God.


  • To develop the qualities of PEACE, UNITY, COMPASSION, ONENESS & EMPOWERMENT.
  • To teach the children that they can live together, learn together & love one another.
  • To help them understand that our Religious, Linguistic & cultural diversity is a precious HERITAGE to be respected & preserved for peaceful coexistence.

The following schools participated:

  1. Rajkiya Utkramit M.School, Giarappa
  2. A.G. School, Giarappa
  3. Birsa M. School, Chalagi
  4. Rajkiya Utkramit M. School, Gutjora
  5. Rajkiya Utkramit M. School, Fudi
  6. Asha Kiran School

The Summer Camp was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the representatives from the six participating schools in the presence of Sr. Roshni, the Chief Guest, Sr. Julia George, Project Director, Shri Arvind Prasad, BEO, Khunti; Guest of Honor, Parents, Guardians & Well Wishers.

Then the students thrilled the hearts of one & all with their melodious welcome song, prayer dance & folk dances.

There after the students were divided into groups according class & age. The first day children of KG to 2 & 3 to 5 had fun with TOFFEE RACE. All tried their best to enjoy the taste of the whole biscuit & win the prize.

The same day 50 METER RACE conducted for both Girls & Boys of classes 6 to 8. All the participants tried their best to win the race.

The 2nd day the following items were held:

v  Hen Fight for girls of class 1 to 3 & Class 4 to 8.

v  Cock Fight for Boys of Class 6 to 8

v  Breaking Baloon for Girls of Class 1 to 4 & 5 to 8.

v  Kabaddi & Kho-Kho for Girls of Class 6 to 8

v  Baloon race for Girls of Class 5 to 8

v  Karate Tournament for Girls of Class 4 to 8

v  The crowning activity of the day was coloring competition for the Girls of KG to Class 3. Each one tried to make master pieces of art.


Karate tournament was the attraction of the day & every one appreciated & enjoyed the tournament.


The students were divided into Four Houses – Red, Blue, Green & Pink to make the children enthusiastic & the summer camp lively.




Third day witnessed FROG RACE for junior & senior girls & boys. The Audience enjoyed the sight of many human frogs doing their level best to win the race. Another item of the day was TUG OG WAR for Girls & Boys.


It was amazing to see the children of Class 3 & 4 putting forth their best effort at CARD MAKING COMPETITION. Needless to say these children were doing it for the 1st time in their life. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm, courage & will power were commendable. They were determined to prove that they are no less than their city counterparts.


Children of Class 6 to 8 tried their luck at Drawing & Painting. Asha Kiran children stole the show as they are having regular Fine Arts class. The participants thoroughly enjoyed all the activities of the day.


On the third day the children were taught Karate & computer basics to all children as all the participating schools do not have this facility. Then a short animation movie ICE AGE was shown for entertainment.


Children from our neighborhood schools had an opportunity to learn computer basics.



The activities of the day were; Volley Ball for Girls, THREE LEGGED RACE for junior & senior Girls & Boys and BAG RACE for Boys. It is difficult to say that if the children were more interested in winning the same or enjoying the togetherness. Mass Drill was taught to all the children by our teacher.


5thDAY: The final day of the Summer Camp witnessed FANCY DRESS COMPETITION by all the girls, followed by SINGING COMPETITION. The children walked on the stage in traditional, western & wearing the dresses of different states. This was followed by Solo & Group Dance competition.




Mr. Rai Mahipat, SDM, Khunti.
Karate Demonstration



Mr. Mahipat Rai, SDM, Khunti, was the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony of the Summer Camp on 23rd May, He gave away the prizes to the winners. He encouraged the children to study sincerely & make every effort to excel in every area of their life.

The 5 days’ summer camp taught the children that unity in diversity is possible. The participants coming from different schools, different background, caste and culture were united during the summer camp as one, worked together, played together, enjoyed together without feeling any differences.

.The winners with their certificates of merit.

Winners’ List:

First Prize: 23,     2nd Prize: : 25,   3rd prize : 23

Sita Minj was declared Champion of Summer Camp 2014.

On the final day Mr. Rai Mahipat Rai, SDM, Khunti; honored the students by presenting medals and certificates to the winners and boosted them by his inspiring and motivational speech.

The 5days Summer Camp taught the children unity in diversity, Children from four different schools came together from different backgrounds, caste and culture and learnt to live together, work together, play together, enjoy together without any differences and made the camp successful and memorable.


A Workshop on “Change the Culture, Change the Gamewas organized for the project staff on 10th May by the Project Director. The same was conducted by members of SPACE JHARKHAND. The workshop started with a brainstorming game, with this game we introduced ourselves. The objective of the workshop was to build team spirit and to have better understanding of the goal and objectives of the project.

We were divided in small groups to have better and clear understanding of the project’s Logical Framework Analysis, Plan of action, monitoring and evaluation process. It was a good experience and learning from different groups. It was a participatory learning. Everyone felt enriched by the workshop.

On 13th July another Workshop on “Effective Communication – A Tool of Excellence” was conducted.

The Resource persons dealt with the followings topics.

v  Community Mobilization

v  Communication in Social Sector/ Role of Communication

v  Identify the element of communication process/ Style of communication.

v  Barriers of communication


  • Introduction, macro perspective and issues in Community Mobilization
  • Recent developments and approaches for implementation of CM
  • Stakeholders’ participation and community’s role in CM
  • Tools and techniques related to planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Best practices and cost effective model reflecting sustainability
  • How to build the capacity of participants in core skill areas required for promoting Community Mobilization at community level.

The first training session was facilitated by Mr. Rajan on an Overview of Community Mobilization. The session covered basic concepts and processes on CM including:

  • Meaning of Community Mobilization
  • SWOT (S – Strength, W – Weakness, O – Opportunities, T– Threat) Analysis for CM
  • Methods and Techniques of CM
  • Steps in Community Mobilization


COMMUNITY – Community as a group of people who have shared concerns and will to act together for their common interest.

COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION– Community Mobilization as a process whereby a group of people have transcended their differences to meet on equal terms in order to facilitate a participatory decision-making process. The session also explored “education within the context of community mobilization” through the use of drama, comics, road shows, music and dance.

Challenges of community mobilization were also explored including difficulties in adaptability, cost effectiveness and precise measurement of outcomes.

The session on “Communication”, facilitated by Mr. Rahul & Ms. Antra

The session covered:

  • Conceptual definition of communication
  • Importance of communication
  • Key Components of Effective communication
    • Effective communication has to be

Precise and clear, otherwise you will get distorted message..


  • After presentations by the facilitator – Ms. Antra, there was group work and participants again went into groups to complete the tasks given on the day. This continued till lunch break, after which participants made their group presentations, coordinated by Mr.Rajan & Ms. Antra.
  • Mr. Rajan facilitated the group work
  1. Meeting on Human Trafficking and Child labor at Rai village of Khunti Block :

On 01.07.2014, a meeting was organized for the women at Rai, village. The meeting started at 12.15 pm. At the very outset Sr.Ranjita formally welcomed Mrs. Doli Maria Guria, ward member, Mrs. Palo Khoya , Sahia & Anganwari workers for the meeting.

The Participants were motivated and enthusiastic to listen to the resource person. Right in the beginning Sr. Ranjita briefed them about the activities of Asha Kiran. There after, she dealt with the issues of Trafficking and Child labour. She started her session with interaction and extracted the information from the participants about human trafficking. She talked about the push factors (illiteracy, poverty, drinking habits of parents, big family size, school drop outs etc) pull factors (city life, good money, etc) and effect of human trafficking (exploited by placement agencies, physical & sexual abuse, bonded labor). Sr. Issues of exploitation, suspicious death and about the missing cases of hundreds of children and girls in the city were highlighted. Through participatory method awareness on trafficking, child labor & missing children were brought home to the participants.

From Rai village two children trafficked for domestic work are missing. The families do not have any information for the past 10 years.

From among the participants one of them shared bout two children who are missing from the village. They were trafficked by an agent to work as domestic maids. Their whereabouts is not known to the family. The Anganwari worker and Sahiya have approached the family early regarding this matter to help them trace out but the family did not cooperate. The family of the trafficked children was present for the meeting. There were total 60 participants.


Asha Kiran Shelter Home under the banner of Ministry of Women and Child Development took an initiative to sensitize women of khunti block on maternal and child health issues and creating awareness on health and hygiene behavior. A one day meeting (July 10th 2014) was organized at Silda village of khunti block.

The Project Coordinator welcomed the participants and guest officials. The participants were women, ANM, Sahiya and Sahayika of Silda Village. The main objectives of this meeting were to underline practicing health and hygiene behavior. 90 young mothers participated in the program. Sister Jacinta, Resource person from Ursuline Convent Sundil, Ranchi explained at length the importance of breast feeding in reducing infant mortality.

The Project Coordinator briefed them about Asha Kiran and its activities. There after, he dealt with the topics of health and hygiene. He started his session with interaction and extracted the information from the participants about health and hygiene practices. He explained how to maintain proper health practices to maintain good health so that diseases may be controlled at community level. Sister Jacinta then explained current practices of health behavior and how to utilize local resources for treatment and cure.

Dr. Aron Horo, Medical officer of Khunti block hospital then discussed about the importance of immunization and diarrhea. He told Prevention of infectious diarrhea is by improved sanitation, clean drinking water, and hand washing. Breastfeeding for at least six months is also recommended as is vaccination against rotavirus. Oral rehydration solution (ORS), which is clean water with modest amount of salt and sugar, along with zinc tablets are the treatments of choice. When people have diarrhea it is recommended that they continue to eat healthy food and babies continue to be breastfed. If commercial ORS are not available, homemade solutions may be used. In those with severe dehydration, intravenous fluids may be required. Most cases; however, can be managed well with fluids by mouth. Antibiotics, while rarely used, may be recommended in a few cases such as those who have bloody diarrhea and high fever, those with severe diarrhea following travelling, and those who grow specific bacteria or parasites in their stool.

The issue of exploitation, suspicious death and missing cases of hundreds of children and girls in the cities were also highlighted. Awareness on child labor, child- trafficking was given through a current example of two children from Torpa who were rescued from Delhi.

Meeting was productive as there were changes in the attitude and knowledge of the participants at the end of the session. They have understood the concept associated with practicing safe hygiene and awareness on trafficking. They came up with different ideas and solutions in the group discussion to arrest declining trafficking in their areas.

The Meeting was participatory and fruitful in which all the participants have taken active part. The objectives of the program were achieved. Participants got insights and were motivated to use their knowledge in hygiene practices and awareness on trafficking. The villagers were motivated & expressed the desire to have regular meetings of this type.

Health Check –up on 30th July 2014:

Health check-up was organized for the children at Asha Kiran Shelter Home by Ranchi Ursuline Society. Dr.Sudhir Kumar and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Prasad did the medical check up of all the students and staff. Seasonal sicknesses were diagnosed i.e fever, stomach pain, malaria, etc. All got the medicines prescribed by the doctors. 170 students benefited from this health camp.

AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON “HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD LABOURwas organized for the school children at Assembly of God School, Giarappa, Fudi,

  • On 7th May – Awareness program was organized for the students of class-VI to Class X and teachers. The points discussed were as follows – social issues like – child labor, human trafficking, forced labor, witch-craft etc. children actively took part in the program. Sr.Ranjita was the resource person for the program. With the help of ppt presentation the evils of child labor like; health hazards, out of school situation, early death, etc were brought home to the children. They were made to understand that no child in their neighborhood be deprived of the opportunity for education & join the child labor force. The presentation and sharing of case studies opened the eyes tender children to the hard realities of life. 180 adolescent girls benefited from this program.  
  • On 12th May- an awareness program on Human Traffickingwas conducted for the girl students of class VI to X and their parents. Sr.Gemma Toppo was the resource person for the day. She talked about Human trafficking, push and pull factor and effects of trafficking, Thereafter children were shown the documentary “ Zindagi” This documentary highlighted the magnitude of trafficking and life in the brothel. After seeing this film, the parents and students raised many questions and got their doubts cleared on the topic. Sharing of case studies touched the hearts of all present. Many of them were shocked and remained silent for sometime. Total 200 girls and parents took active part in the program.
  • On 14th May 2014, the same program was organized for the boys group from class VI to X and their parents. Sr.Gemma Toppo was the resource person for the program. Right in the beginning the participants were shown the documentary “STOP CHILD LABOUR.” The resource person said a good number of boys are being trafficked to metro cities for cheap labor. They are forced to work in the garage, sex tourism, Dhabas, agriculture work in Punjab, construction site, brick kiln, even for domestic labor and geriatric care. Many participants heard about child trafficking for the first time. She talked about push and pull factors, effects of trafficking. She presented different case studies and made them understand about the seriousness of the issues.

On both occasions the importance of education as an effective means for prevention of Trafficking & Child Labor was well explained to the participant. The parents were told that every child has a right to education and enjoy childhood.

Awareness program on Human Trafficking & Education through Nukkad Natak:

On 28th July 2014, Nukkad Natak was shown in two villages of Rai and Silda to create awareness on Human Trafficking and Right to Education to the villagers. Through Nukkad Natak the message Ws very powerfully communicated to the villagers. They understood what is trafficking. how it happens…., who are the traffickers …, push and pull factors …, evil effects of trafficking, responsibility of parents, neighbors etc. The title of the play was “Beti”. It was heart rending and moving. A good number of children and youth witnessed the Nukkad Nata.

Rai Village

Around 350 people benefited from the program.

Action taken against the Traffickers ( case Registered)

On 29th April 2014, an awareness program was organized in the two schools for both boys and girls in Maranghada. Students participated were from class VI to X. After a week two, parents came forward and shared their problems in Asha Kiran and produced details about each missing child. On 07.05.2014, these two missing cases namely Jacaria Purti ,age 24( he was trafficked ten years ago at the age of 14, since then there is no contact with the family) and Yacub Tuti age 24,( he was also trafficked 10 years ago when he was only 14 years of age) were registered in Khunti Police station to take necessary action against the traffickers and bring them back home. Investigation is going on to trace out the traffickers by the police.

District Level Meeting with Government officers:

On 26th May 2014, “One day Consultation Meeting on District needs Assessment and District Action Plan on Child Protection” was organized by District Child Protection Society and Department of Social Welfare Women and Child Development, Khunti, at DRDA Hall, Court Campus, Khunti. Mr. Sumson Soy, the District Commissioner was the Chief Guest for the program, Superintendent of Police, Mr. Joachim, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Khunti,

Mr. Samson Soy District Commissioner addressing the participants

   Mr.Binoy Kumar District Welfare Officer and other officers from Juvenile Justice Board, police officers, BDOs were present for the meeting. The objectives of the meetings were:

  1. To do the Needed assessment for child protection , child protection concern of the district ,vulnerability mapping,
  2. Assessment of District child protection committee’s programs .
  3. Planning for District level primary and Secondary sources of Data collection

It was a participatory & interactive session. Sr. Ranjita and Sr. Anita attended this meeting and shared the services provided to the inmates of Asha Kiran Shelter Home.


Sr. gemma Toppo with her client.

Sarita Kullu, (name changed) was taken to Delhi for Baby sitting. Initially the lady of the house was very pleased with her. Gradually, the lady began to find fault with whatever Sarita did. Out of anger, the lady burnt Sarita’s back with hot frying pan, the scar of which is visible even today. Sarita was rescued & brought to Asha Kiran. Her case for compensation is being fought by Sr. Gemma, an advocate in the civil court of Ranchi.

Visit of Dr. Reshmi Singh, Executive Director, Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India.

On 7th July 2014, Dr. Rashmi Singh , Director, National Mission for Empowerment of Women & Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, visited Asha Kiran Shelter Home. She was warmly welcomed by the inmates. At the very outset she wished all the children and expressed her joy to be in their midst. Madam interacted with the inmates and listened to them with open heart and love, Madam Reshmi was very much impressed by the performance of the inmates. She encouraged them to make every effort to benefit from the opportunities provided and excel in their life. Dr. Reshmi went around and saw the activities carried out in Asha Kiran to help the children to attain their future sustainability and be productive members of society.

Visitors from USA:

On 10th July 2014, two visitors – Brandy and Teresa, from Florida USA visited Asha Kiran along with Mr. Pawan, Ms. Deepshikha from Ranchi. They interacted with the children and listened to them. Brandy and Teresa taught dance to the children. Right in the beginning they introduced the importance of this beautiful dance and the colors of the rings with which the dance is performed. Each color has its importance, which speaks and connects to one’s life. It’s called ring dance. It helps reliefs one’s anger and tension. Children got the rhythm and were very happy to have this opportunity. After having learnt the dance children were given 10 rings as a gift from Brandy and Teresa.

Visit of 25 Belgian students & 3 staff:

On 14th July 2014, the inmates of Asha Kiran Shelter Home warmly welcomed the Belgian visitors with traditional hand wash, dance and song. Sr. Julia George, Counselor and Project in-Charge of Ranchi Ursuline Society, welcomed the visitors and expressed sincere gratitude towards the Belgian benefactors and all present for their generous and loving contribution towards Asha Kiran Shelter Home.

The children staged a colorful cultural program in honor of Belgian visitors. The Belgian visitors entertained the children with action songs & dance. The visitors enjoyed their time with the inmates. They played with the children and taught them action songs.

Visitors from London

On 27th July 2014, the inmates of Asha Kiran warmly welcomed seven students and Sr. Kathleen, an Ursuline Sister from London. The Children put up a short cultural program – songs, dance and action songs. They were very much impressed with the performance. The students from U K taught games and action songs to the children. Sr. Ktheleen in her speech said that it is a memorable experience to be in the midst of Asha Kiran children. On behalf of the group she wished all the inmates every success in their life.

Celebration of Birthday:

On 20th July 2014, Mr. & Mrs. Mihir from Ranchi celebrated the Birthday their son Arpan’s Birthday at Asha Kiran. On this occasion they provided a delicious dinner to all the inmates. This couple, every year celebrate their son’s birthday at Asha Kiran.

These occasions provide a healthy exposure to the inmates & an opportunity to interact with people from other nationalities and culture.

Ranchi Ursuline Society, Staff and inmates of Asha Kiran; are deeply grateful to the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India, Benefactors & all our stakeholders for their generous support and assistance in making enduring changes in the lives of the inmates and the people of Khunti district.

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