Prepared by the Project Co-Ordinator: Sandeep Kumar Sahu & Sr. Julia George
1. Description of Activities done during this quarter

Hockey: No of Hours: 26
A Glimpse of Hockey Session
The Hockey teacher instructed them about the rules and regulation of hockey game and the importance of discipline in playing games and sports.
The coach instructed the students to stand according to their heights and they had their regular exercises. They were made to understand the importance of jogging, and then had running practice. All the exercises related to hockey were explained. Then he explained the rules of running and the benefits of it. He taught them how to hold the hockey stick and how to drill the ball. Then they had practice. 30 inmates of Asha Kiran is trying to master the game of hockey.

rep3Badminton: No of Hours: 22
A Glimpse from Badminton Session
In this quarter students have learnt the basics of badminton, how to hold how to hit, how to follow through. Due to regular practicing their stamina has increased, and developed interest. Now they know about the measurement of badminton court, and about good service and service fault in badminton. They also learnt body posture and movement while playing badminton. 25 girls are participating in badminton training and taking keen interest in learning the game

Volleyball: No of Hours: 22
A Glimpse from Volleyball Session
The volleyball coach gave stress on increasing their physical stamina by doing lots of different types of physical and stretching exercises, gave them knowledge about good health and discipline. They had jogging practices and taught them how to do the service in volleyball and how to receive it, how to hit the ball and the students had a good practice. The students learned the under hand touch, under hand pass, under hand service, side hand service etc in playing volleyball. They were given training on field measurement and net measurement of the volleyball court. 24 girls of Asha kiran are trying to master the game of volley ball.


Karate: No of Hours: 18
Karate Practice Session
In today’s world, girls and women must know the techniques of self defense. It is all the more important for those who have gone through the trauma of physical, emotional & sexual violence. Hence, we have introduced karate for the inmates of Asha Kiran. Evey one wants to feel safe. The karate coach gave training to students about the basics of defense techniques. The Students learned that karate is the only self defense tool that is always in hand. Body warm-up technique, how to be in discipline, how to make punch step by step, where to keep punch etc are taught. The students learned the different stances, upper block, middle block and lower and block punching techniques. They are learning Bitan kata practice, basic of yoko waken uchi, Mac waken uchi, Haito uchi, Shuto uchi, Tetsui uchi and tournament fight practice. 170 girls of Asha Kiran are determined to learn all the techniques of karate to defend themselves in difficult & dangerous situations.

Sewing & embroidery: No of Hours: 24

The students were taught about the importance of learning Sewing & embroidery and how they can start their self employment and take it as a livelihood opportunity in future. They learned the basic technique of sewing & stitching. They were given training about 24 types of stitching technique on hanky. The Students were introduced to each part of sewing machine so that they themselves can handle simple problems during sewing. They learned cutting technique, simple cloth cutting and stitching of ladies wear. 65 girls are taking keen interest in learning cutting and Tailoring, which in future can be a means of self employment.
Machine Embroidery is another activity, In two months time they are taught chain stitching, Moti stitching, Kashmiri stitching and Ulta Bakhya stitching. There 80 girls following this course. They are very much interested as this can also be a source of self employment & income in future.
Drawing & painting: No of Hours: 16

A Glimpse of Painting Class
In the past two months the students were introduced to drawing and painting. From class 1-5, they learn about different lines, figures & identify different shapes and color them. The students of class 6-8 learn different lines, shapes and coloring technique with brush. They are taught water coloring technique, how to hold the brush and plain coloring, about basic brush control and color mixing. 170 students are trying to master the art of drawing & painting.
Music class: No of Hours: 19


A Glimpse of Music Class
During the months of March & April, the students have shown keen interest in music. The music teacher explained the importance of music in everyone’s life. The music teacher made them feel comfortable & friendly so that the learning of music should be done in a healthy environment. He taught them the song in English: God’s love is so wonderful. The students very quickly learnt this song. He explained rhythm & how to sing Sa, re,ga,ma, They also learnt the different notes, when to raise their voice and when to slow down. He taught them the different pitches. They learnt about pure voice mixture and the Raag called as Raag Saptak and the 12 Alankaars in music. They have been practicing this regularly to be familiar with the notes. The Students are introduced to musical Instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard and Triple, and also how to use them. Then they were taught introduced to the different sounds in harmonium like Sharp and Flat sound and singing with Harmonium and keyboard. 170 students Asha Kiran are enjoying the music class and are very hopeful to develop their innate gift of music & rhythm.
Computer Class: No of Hours: 24

Students learning Computer skills.
Asha kiran has a computer lab with 12 computer systems. The students from class III onward are having computer classes regularly. They are taught the different parts of computer and their functions. They were shown how to open and shut down the computer, to write their names, how to save, to delete, to make the words bold, changing case, etc. They are also introduced to paint tool, word pad, and had sufficient practical classes. The students are very eager to learn computer skills..
Counseling Session

Counseling plays a very important role in the lives of the inmates of Asha Kiran. In the past 2 months 20 children were given counseling. Out of 20, nine are from the senior group and 11 from the junior group. Many of them are struggling with their past painful experiences. At home they suffered from poverty, family problems, alcoholism of father, malnutrition, etc. These forced them to go into child labor or domestic work. In due course of time, these children will turn their SCARS INTO STARS & become catalysts of social change.
In the process of counseling it was found that:
• Regular counseling and personal meeting will help them to be open and free to start building a new life.
• Acceptance of oneself will help them build self esteem and increase their level of confidence.
ASHA KIRAN SCHOOL                                              Dining Hall of Asha Kiran rep11Students of Asha Kiran Shelter Home


Photos of dormitory
Asha Kiran is a home for the inmates. They feel free, comfortable. They live together, study together, work together and play together. They also share the moment of joys and pain together and support each other. Senior girls take care of junior ones. The present program introduced in the Shelter home is a unique one. It has opened different doors for the children to know themselves better to make their career in future. They take part in the different activities like – games and vocational trainings.They are happy and are doing well.


Psycho- social care & Basic health care:
Students of our centre are also given psycho social & basic health care The Nurse takes care of the health needs of the inmates. Any case of emergency is taken to the Sadar hospital, Khunti. They are taught how to make their bed, personal hygiene, physical & psychological growth and development, cleanliness, Neatness, table manners, how one can protect oneself from communicable disease, what should one do in small cut or burn cases. She also taught them about balanced diet and the importance of nutritious food. They were explained the causes of malaria & how one can protect oneself from malaria.

rep15Sr. Gemma Toppo, a lawyer fights for the cause of domestic workers, victims of trafficking & child labor.
In this picture the girl was in Delhi as a domestic worker where the employer abused her physically by burning her back with hot frying pan, was beaten, abused physically & emotionally. She was rescued in 2013 & is in Asha Kiran. Her case is being fought in the civil court of Ranchi for justice & her payment. Sr. Gemma fights cases for many such cases.



Nukkad Natak:

Glimpse of Nukkad Natak play In Giarappa village
During this first quarter of the project, we had organized a Nukkad Natak in the village of Giarappa which was a major success supported by the villagers. Around 1000 villagers were present to witness the play. This Nukkad Natak was on human trafficking & they took keen interest in the show and understood the message conveyed through the play.
Awareness session:

Awareness session in Maranghada village
Two awareness sessions had been organized in this quarter for the month of March & April respectively one in Asha Kiran Shelter Home and the other in RC school Boys & girls Campus in Maranghada Village, in Khunti district on “Trafficking of Girl child and the Importance of education”. For putting more impact on the awareness session we had invited a resource person from Mahila Samkhya who has experience of more than 10 years in the field of Anti Human Trafficking. About 800 people gathered in the hall along with school students, and teachers. The villagers were made aware of how illegal human trafficking is done & its evil effect. Almost every tribal family in Maranghada has a child trafficked, some are not to be traced till today. They were also participated and shared some of the incidence which happened with their relatives and family members. They were also suggested what to do in case of people or relative who are missing or probably got trafficked, who should be contacted and how to lodge an FIR in the Police Station.
Sr. Julia made the villagers aware of the causes of trafficking: poverty, illiteracy, lack of employment opportunity in the villages, allurement to city life. She also explained how the family members themselves are encouraging trafficking, which forcers their daughters to go into flesh trade. She encouraged the parents & elders of the villagers to educate their children till intermediate level.
Information pertaining to element of inclusiveness:

Bag Making Session
We have reached around 40 vulnerable and marginalized women from the village areas near by our centre and they are being given training on Bag making, sewing and Embroidery so that they can be empowered and can earn some livelihood through this income generating activities.
Element of innovativeness brought in the project:
We are planning for a one week Summer camp event during this summer in which we have planned activities like Drawing & painting competition, karate events, race competition, dancing competition, Music classes and full enjoyment were students can enjoy and also participate in all these activities, Students from Assembly of God school, Giarappa, Rajakiya Vidyalay, Giarappa, Rajakiya Vidyalay, Fudi and Rajakiya Vidyalay, Chalgi will participate in this event with our children.. For the first time such an event is going to take place here. It will bring five schools on a common platform.